What is Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Vietnam used for?

Indian Abiraterone Acetate Tablets USA are primarily used in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). It is specifically indicated for use in combination with prednisone or prednisolone for the treatment of patients with mCRPC who have already received chemotherapy containing docetaxel.

Abiraterone Acetate Tablets Medicine Details:

Brand Name: Abirakast

Salt Name: Abiraterone Acetate

Manufacturer: Aprazer Healthcare

Strength: 250mg & 500mg

Packing: Pack of 120 Tablets

How does Generic Abiraterone Tablets Price Philippines work?

Indian Abiraterone 250mg Tablets UAE is an androgen biosynthesis inhibitor. It functions by preventing the body from producing androgens (male hormones), an enzyme called CYP17. By blocking this enzyme, Abiraterone Tablets Available Brands reduces the production of androgens, including testosterone, which can fuel the growth of prostate cancer cells.

How should I take Abiraterone 500mg Tablets Myanmar?

Abiraterone 500mg Tablet Thailand is usually taken once daily on an empty stomach, at least one hour before or two hours after a meal. It is important to follow the specific instructions provided by your doctor or pharmacist regarding the timing and administration of the medication. The tablets should be swallowed whole with water and should not be crushed, chewed, or divided.

What are the common side effects of Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Indonesia?

Common side effects of Generic Abiraterone Acetate Tablets Canada may include fatigue, joint swelling or discomfort, hot flushes, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, high blood pressure, urinary tract infection, and anemia. However, it is important to note that not all individuals will experience these side effects, and some people may experience different or no side effects at all. If you experience any bothersome or persistent side effects, it is important to inform your doctor.

Are there any precautions or warnings associated with Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Romania?

Yes, there are several precautions and warnings associated with the use of Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Wholesale Peru. It is important to inform your doctor about any other medical conditions you have, especially liver problems, heart problems, or high blood pressure. Indian Abiraterone Acetate Tablets Brands may cause a rise in blood pressure, so regular monitoring of blood pressure is necessary during treatment. Abiraterone Acetate Tablet Online may also affect the levels of certain electrolytes, such as potassium, in the blood. Your doctor may perform regular blood tests to monitor these levels. Additionally, Abiraterone 500mg Tablets Online Egypt may interact with other medications, so it is important to inform your doctor about all the medications you are taking.

Can Indian Abiraterone Acetate Tablets Brands China be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Purchase Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Malaysia is not intended for use in women and should not be used during pregnancy. It can cause harm to an unborn baby. Additionally, Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Cost Manila may pass into breast milk and could harm a nursing baby. Therefore, it is important to avoid pregnancy and breastfeeding while taking Abiraterone 500mg Tablets Price Quezon City and for a certain period after stopping treatment, as advised by your doctor.

What should I do if I miss a dose of Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Taiwan?

If you miss a dose of Buy Abiraterone Tablets Cost Malaysia, you should take it as soon as you remember on the same day. However, if it is already the next day, you should skip the missed dose and resume your regular dosing schedule. It's crucial to avoid taking two doses to make up for a missing one. If you have any concerns or questions about missed doses, it is best to consult your doctor or pharmacist for guidance.

Can Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Romania interact with other medications?

Yes, Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Wholesale Cebu City can interact with other medications. It is important to inform your doctor about all the medications you are taking, including prescription medicine, over-the-counter medications, and herbal supplements. Some medications that may interact with Abiraterone 250mg Tablets Singapore include certain anticoagulants (blood thinners), anticonvulsants, certain antibiotics, and medications that affect liver enzymes. Your doctor can help determine if any potential medicine interactions exist and make appropriate adjustments to your treatment plan if needed.

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